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:· Washington Mutual Bank

April 11 | 2009

Washington Mutual Bank
RSSD ID 1222108 | DOCKET 8551
2273 North Green Valley Parkway
Henderson, Nevada, 89014

Reporting Period    
Quarter Ended  :  2008-06-30
Agency Update  :  2008-08-08

Docket Immediate Parent(s) City State Status
H2352 Washington Mutual, Inc. Seattle WA Active

Call Schedule
Consolidated Schedules
SC - Consolidated Statement of Condition
SO - Consolidated Statement of Operations
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Fast Facts
Balance Sheet
(USD, in thousands)

Income Statement
(USD, in thousands for quarter)
Total Assets307,021,614
Noninterest Expense: Total2,403,755
Total Liabilities278,730,182
Interest Expense: Total1,840,780
Total Equity Capital24,379,747
Noninterest Income: Total577,438

Interest Income: Total4,254,225
Total Deposits188,260,793
Net Income(3,189,457)

Key Ratios
Total Loans
(USD, in thousands)
Tier 1 (Core) Capital Ratio7.07
Mortgage Loans Total222,681,859
Total Risk-Based Capital Ratio12.44
Commercial Loans: Total1,952,747
Tier 1 Risk-Based Capital Ratio8.4
Consumer Loans : Total10,765,757


Number of Full time Equivalent Employees41,360



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Source of Data: FDIC, FRB, NCUA, OCC, OTS, SEC, U.S. Department of the Treasury